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Corridor Sixteen is an Alternate Pop-Punk Indie Rock Band from Phoenix, AZ. Corridor Sixteen started sometime in the summer of 2016 and went through several different members.


Corridor Sixteen was founded in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2018. The band recorded its first LP that same year and released several singles which, to date, have been downloaded in over 20 countries around the world and counting.

The band has gained a strong following in Arizona where it has performed at various venues. Towards the end of 2018, they went on their first concert tour with shows in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

This band’s music has been described as a unique blend of pop, punk rock, and alternative, with influences coming from Green Day, MCR, The Beatles, Nirvana, and Blue October, among others. It’s sound and musical lyrics touch on a person’s darker emotions while also uplifting and exciting the listener.

They are currently working on their second LP which will be completed and released at the beginning of 2020.

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Run Away

Run Away (Single)

(CD – Digital)


I don't want to sleep with you

I don't want to sleep with you (Single)

(CD – Digital)


1950s Song

1950s Song (Single)

(CD – Digital)


Growing Up

Growing Up (Single)

(CD – Digital)


Pirate Song

Pirate Song (Single)

(CD – Digital)


Nightmares and Lullabies

Nightmares and Lullabies (Single)

(CD – Digital)



Bulletproof (Single)

(CD – Digital)


I Don't Know

I Don't Know (Single)

(CD – Digital)

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